212 Carolina Herrera Perfume Review – Are You A 212 Fan Or Not?

212 Carolina Herrera Perfume review


Carolina Herrera 212 drew inspiration from the ever-busy New York City. Carolina Herrera is the designer house behind this cologne. Its spicy undertones evoke a feeling of maturity and class. The urban man has been particularly drawn to this perfume. It expresses a unique masculine feel.


This Carolina Herrera perfume did very well upon launch and still continues to be many people’s favorite. It is especially popular with people working in an office setting. The green notes reminiscent of Calvin Klein suit it rather well. This 212 Carolina Herrera Perfume review will look at this fragrance and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.




The notes and longevity


The beautiful mixture of notes is remarkable. 212 perfume blends spicy and floral scents to achieve a scent that many people love. This fragrance also possesses a distinct long lasting nature that many people prioritize in a perfume. Its longevity is good so if you are into that, then this is a good choice. It has a sharp, pleasant opening filled with lavender and citrus goodness so that also another plus.


The packaging


Many perfumes are made of cheap material but Carolina Herrera put some thought into the design of the packaging. The stylish bottle is one of a kind with its masculine properties. It also has a magnetic cap that tops off the look. You wouldn’t be embarrassed if it was in your closet.




Dry down


212 Carolina Herrera for men has a dry down that’s a little dramatic. Some users say they love how it opens and matures but don’t like its dry down. The final notes don’t work for some people but some love it. The good thing about it is that if you are into spicy colognes, you are going to love its undertones.




The best aspect about Carolina Herrera 212 is its versatility. This perfume can be used at any time of the day and still be appealing. You might not love it over extended periods of time but a quick spritz to refresh the aroma should do the trick. Overall, many urban men love it because of the compliments they get with it. If you have never added this perfume to your rotation, you might want to try it and decide whether it suits you. 212 Carolina Herrera for men is not for everyone. It made it to our Best Perfume for Men 2016


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