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4711 Cologne review


4711 cologne review - amazon


When you think of something vintage, you imagine something of high value in the modern day, something classy, something with a different kind of sophistication, and an air of self-belief. When you wear something vintage, you express a feeling of believing in your self-worth. 4711 cologne is the real definition of vintage. A perfume that is capable of lasting through centuries and still remains relevant in current times deserves a standing ovation. I mean we are talking about the year 1792 here!


It is not so much in the years but how generation after generation has found this perfume appealing. Generations of people couldn’t surely be wrong about how good 4711 cologne is. We will have a brief look at what makes this perfume such a treasured gem by many people. This 4711 cologne review will touch on the strengths and weakness of 4711 Eau de Cologne.


Pros of 4711 Cologne: The original Eau de Cologne


It’s subtle and not dramatic


4711 cologne might not be as elaborate as many types of cologne for men out there but its citrus burst is something to remember. The more you spray, the more you want. It is not one of those dramatic scents that will always be noticed from miles away. You can comfortably spray behind your ears to make that hug more memorable. Alternatively, you can spray your handkerchief.


Cost friendly


There are other perfumes with the same scent and longevity as 4711 yet are marketed as Eau de toilette. 4711 still holds its own when it comes to these two qualities even though it lacks as much on projection. With the price tag on this perfume, you are going to get amazing qualities at a low price.





Longevity and Sillage


Someone looking for high longevity and strong sillage might not find satisfaction in this 4711 cologne. Remember, this is an Eau de Cologne. I keep telling my clients that this is not meant to take the place of regular perfume. You can; if you don’t like dramatic scents, but if you want a scent that will push through long hard days, this is not it.


Broken skin


This eau de cologne stings when applied on broken skin so make sure you don’t apply it on such. It is also best to apply it to clean skin. When researching for this 4711 cologne review, we found out three out of ten people could not stand the sting if they had broken skin.




When it comes down to scent over longevity, 4711 perfume is a winner. It is great in the art of seduction. You will love it when you go for a swim. Just spray on a few spritzes and go to the pool. This 4711 Eau de Cologne had to feature as a great choice in our best perfume for men 2016 because it tops the charts in its class. There is a reason they call it the original. It was an original and authentic Eau de Cologne. There are tonnes of vintage colognes you can read about in yesterday’s perfumes blog. You will love it if you love classics.


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