Best Eau de Parfum For Men 2017 – The Best 5 Of 2016

Eau de parfum has the next highest concentration of fragrance after pure perfume (parfum). Refer to Pure Perfume For Men 2017 Picks to see the top perfumes that men would love in the parfum class. Eau de parfum has a concentration of between 15 to 20%. Most perfumes in the Eau de parfum category last about four to five hours. | premium outlet parfumerie


Consequently, you can expect these perfumes to retail at a lower price than parfum. Even though Eau de parfum spray comes with a higher concentration of alcohol, it has quite the reputation when it comes to sensitive skin. It is better than other fragrance types because it does not damage sensitive skin making it one of the best perfume class you can buy. It is suitable for everyday use. Here is our Eau de Parfum for men 2016 list.

1. Acqua Di Gio Essenza by Giorgio Armani


Acqua Di Gio Essenza - Eau de parfum for men



The year of launch for this perfume was 2012 and this was done by the house of Giorgio Armani. This perfume comprises notes of grapefruit, cascalone, bergamot, jasmine, sage, cedar, basil, pepper, ambrox, and vetiver. On application, this Eau de parfum cologne lets out a strong sillage composed of a nice duo of bergamot and grapefruit that comes with a watery harmony which complements the sweetness brought about by the presence of citrus. The floral aroma gives way to a mixture of sweet floral scents of jasmine and basil and sage spices. After that, the preceding scents give way to the base notes of cedar that last reasonably long. With this intricate balance of aromas, this perfume gracefully makes it to the Eau de parfum for men 2016 list.


Acqua Di Gio Essenza Review


Unlike its predecessors who focus on marine scents, this EDP perfume is more inclined to woody and ambery scents. This fragrance has high-quality scents that can be used for any occasion. It is definitely an improvement from the previous version which is still a favorite of many individuals. It suits most outdoor activities; whether day or night. Some users say they have to spray two times a day to retain the sweet scent.

2. Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum For Men

Bvlgari Man in Black - Eau de parfum for men




This perfume was launched in 2014 under the Bvlgari brand which has been in the industry for 130 years. Bvlgari has been known to churn out some of the best smelling perfumes for men in the market. That should give you a nice idea of how experienced the brand is when it comes to creating an unforgettable cologne. This scent opens with accords of luminous spices and natural rum. The core components of the perfume are iris absolut, leather, and tuberose which give it a distinct scent. The base is composed of guaiac wood, benzoin, and tonka bean.


Bvlgari Man in Black Review


If you have a liking for spices, this perfume will enliven your nostrils. When you pay closer attention, you begin to smell the sweet scents produced by this fragrance; especially that of expensive leather padding. The end result is a fresh Eau de parfum that speaks volumes about maturity. Undoubtedly, mature people are more suited to this than the younger generation. Some people have complained of the spicy aroma being a little bit dominant. However, most people find it appealing. Therefore, it was worth a mention in this Eau de Parfum for men 2017 list. Moreover, it also secures a spot in our Best Perfume for Men 2017

3. Christian Dior Homme Intense


Christian Dior Homme Intense - eau de parfum for men                                            


Dior Homme Intense is the third in the Christian Dior series. It was first launched as a limited edition, but later became part of the brand permanently. It opens with lavender, lingers in iris, pear, and ambrette and tapers off to vetiver, vanilla, and Virginia cedarwood which are long lasting. The longevity spans eight to ten hours. It is ideal for evening wear. You can consider this one of those men’s colognes that last long if you are looking for that.


Christian Dior Homme Intense Review


This perfume was released in 2011. It has quickly become the signature scent of those who try it the first time. Actually, this is one of those best perfumes for men that women love. A lot of first-time users get hooked to the powdery chocolate scent. Others swear it has a mild bakery scent. All in all, this is a wonderful fragrance for those who love perfumes that last long. The disadvantage with this cologne is that it is not widely available in stores. The most likely place you will buy it is online. Some people have also complained it is feminine but it is quite appealing all the same. This is why it is worth putting this fragrance in the Eau de Parfum for men 2016 list.

4. Gaultier 2 by Jean Paul Gaultier


Gaultier 2 - eau de parfum for men



This perfume suits both men and women and has an oriental vanilla fragrance that features vanilla, musk, and amber. Francis Kurkdjian is the creator and it was launched in 2005. However, many find it inclined towards the masculine side. The three simple notes have been perfectly blended to achieve a scent with incredible equilibrium. The longevity is strong and its vanilla scent will catch people’s attention. The objective was to create something that does not have the conventional top, middle notes, and base notes. It was supposed to be unique and easily distinguishable.


Gaultier 2 Review


The bottle is magnetized which is a feature incorporated to ensure bottles of this perfume cling to each other. However, you can use this feature as you wish. This men’s Eau de parfum opens with amber, vanilla, and musk accompanied by a floral scent with a fruity feel. The fruity feel does not linger for long but the musk and amber become more noticeable over time. Diversity of fragrance in any perfume is a feature that we looked out for before putting any perfume in the best cologne for men list for 2016.

5. Tom Ford Noir


Tom Ford Noir - eau de parfum for men




Tom Ford is a great designer when it comes to men’s perfumes. Even though perfumes are not always about the designer, some designers never fall short of expectation. This scent opens with bergamot, caraway, verbena, violet, and pink pepper. The heart of the perfume is composed of geranium, Tuscan iris, nutmeg, clary sage, black pepper, and Bulgarian rose. It closes with a base note comprising civet, vanilla, patchouli leaf, amber, vetiver, vanilla, and opononax. The objective, which they achieved, was to create a sensual, masculine scent.


Tom Ford Noir Review


In the beginning, it is tangy and spicy in a nice way. As it matures, that disappears and it becomes powdery and warm. However, despite the spicy scent settling in, it never fully evaporates. The base is the soul of this perfume. It alternates between vanilla and leather. The noticeable thing with this cologne is that women compliment it right away. It is an excellent choice to wear any time of the day. The fact that it can be worn anytime of the day and still leaves you comfortable earns it a place in this Eau de Parfum for men 2017 list.

6. Boucheron Pour Homme

Boucheron Pour Homme - eau de parfum for men



Boucheron Pour Homme hit mainstream retail in 2013. It starts out in an oddly familiar scent which depicts the user as someone who goes for quality and is not afraid to be exorbitant. It opens with citrus which is accompanied by coriander and basil. Those top notes taper off to pave way for the middle notes of rose, ylang-ylang, and rose. The base notes are sandalwood patchouli, moss, vetiver, and white musk. These notes come together in perfect balance that provides that aspect of stability that most perfumes for men worth buying possess.


Boucheron Pour Homme Review


The longevity of this perfume is good enough to keep body odor at bay throughout the day. The sillage is moderate so if you prefer a scent that will keep projecting you might need a few spritzes. This men’s perfume is for the elegant gentleman whose taste lies in the finer things in life. It is for the sophisticated and refined. It speaks vintage. Vintage is not something you come across everyday. You have to make the concerted effort to find information about vintage perfumes. It is advisable to first read reviews comprehensively.


There you go. Take your pick from the perfume choices that we picked for you in the Eau de Parfum for men 2017 list.

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