Best Eau Fraiche Perfume for Men – 2 of The Best Money Can Buy

Eau Fraiche Perfume for men is similar to eau de cologne in terms of longevity. So what is Eau fraiche spray? The real Eau fraiche meaning is a perfume which typically has fragrance concentration of 1% to 3%. However, this category of men’s perfume doesn’t contain high levels of alcohol. Apart from fragrance, water is also a component of this fragrance. There are vendors who will not admit to selling Eau Fraiche.


Some sell it as EDT but that’s why I am here; to help you choose the best Eau Fraiche perfume for men. However, Eau Fraiche fragrances are not what you would consider perfumes that last long. This should be a primer to a stronger fragrance. If you can only afford perfumes in this category, it would be wiser to save up first and buy stronger perfume. Here are two good examples of perfume that fall into the best Eau Fraiche perfume for men 2017.


1. Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Versace

versace - best Eau fraiche perfume for men



This Versace Eau fraiche happens to be a lighter version of the Versace Eau de Toilette version. It can be classified as a flowery fragrance for men best used as an aftershave. The top notes for this fragrance include rose, bergamot, lemon, and rosewood. The core of the perfume includes pepper, sage, cedar, and tarragon.


The base note is composed of woody notes, musk, and amber. As you can see, the composition of most perfumes for men including this Versace cologne for men, doesn’t change drastically across different brands. Eau fraiche spray versions of perfume may have common ingredients with regular perfume, but remember, they are not meant to be used as regular perfume.


Man Eau Fraiche Versace Perfume for Men Review


Versace cologne Eau fraiche gives off a fresh, youthful vibe great for the outdoors. It may not have the best projection and longevity, but you are not churning out a lot of money for it. Some users have complained of the low longevity citing how they get about 3 hours out of it. This cheap men’s cologne is not ideal for a date or social event. You might want to use this is if you are headed to the gym or to the beach. It maintains integrity even with exposure to heat.


The reason why this perfume suits the gym is because you want a subtle men’s perfume that masks body odor vaguely, and also doesn’t distract you from the main reason you are in the gym; to work out. These qualities make this a perfume worth its salt in the Versace perfume for men brand.



2. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

Cool water Davidoff - best Eau fraiche perfume for men


This Eau de fraiche for men is a product from Switzerland and was produced in 1996. Cool Water is sufficient if you just want to stay fresh, probably after taking a shower when you want to catch up on some reading. This mild scent will give you a sense of tranquility and makes reading your book that much more fun. It is quite gentle to most sensitive skins.


The components of this perfume are; musk, sandalwood, lavender, oakmoss, and jasmine. It gives off the feeling of the power of the ocean and provides a cool feel. It’s great value for money, but you need to remember that this is not meant to substitute long lasting perfume.


Cool Water By Davidoff For Men Review


This Eau fraiche cologne is suitable for daytime wear; especially for casual occasions. It is not what is considered as ‘mainstream men’s perfume’ but this is a gem. Davidoff has been making a name for itself in the fragrance world with wonderful scents already grossing high sales.


Cool water projects well and the scent is good enough to land it in the best Eau Fraiche perfume for men list. Would you rather get compliments on a brand or how good the scent is? If you are not too keen on high-end brands or common brands in general, then this is a good choice in this category of men’s colognes. The qualities of this scent are good enough to land it in our Best Perfume for Men 2017


So Why Would You Buy Eau Fraiche Colognes?


Eau Fraiche men’s perfumes are not too common in the market. The main reason is because of their mild longevity and sillage. However, if the best perfume choice for you is a perfume that is mild, subtle, and far from irritating, eau fraiche perfume will suit you well.


There are men who love scents that don’t scream for attention. It all depends on preference. Therefore, you have to know what you want before you buy. That is why these two fragrances are worth a mention in the best Eau Fraiche perfume for men list.


There you go; those are the best perfumes for men in their respective categories according to fragrance concentration.

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