Best Oriental Perfume for Men – Top 5 Choices

The best oriental perfumes often feature scents refreshed by citrus or aromatic notes. Oriental perfumes for men are enriched by components such as resin, tobacco, spices, amber, and exotic woods. Apart from enriching these men’s perfumes, these components add an element of sophistication to the fragrance. The best oriental perfume for men for you might be one among these; so see what each has and you won’t regret buying any of these.


1. Creed Aventus For Men


creed aventus - best oriental perfume for men



The house of Creed creates some of the best perfumes in the world. It follows then that they come up with some of the most expensive perfumes in the world. They have created fragrances for queens, kings, emperors, and the like since the 1760’s. Their business is not just about creating fragrances but also creating luxury. One of the best creed cologne for men is Aventus, which takes the honors as the best oriental perfume for men in this list. It also features in our Best Perfume for Men 2016


This Creed cologne happens to be unique and masculine. This is what you need to have if you want sophistication, class, and that edge. It may be pricey, but if you abhor the label, “standard and familiar” when it comes to perfumes, you have to pay the price. A lot of people will know quality when they see it/smell it. The top notes for this perfume begin with a unique blend of French apples, pineapple, Italian bergamot, and black currant. You can check it here.


These notes ease off to allow the core to manifest itself with its wonderful notes of Moroccan jasmine, rose, patchouli, and dry birch. The base notes are vanilla, ambergris, musk, and oak moss. The longevity on Creed Aventus cologne is great but not overpowering. The sillage is also great but under-performs in hot environments. However, this fragrance performs well anywhere; which is a crucial quality we were considering in our search for the best oriental perfume for men.


Aventus Creed Cologne Review


This perfume is excellent value for money. Creed Aventus is layered in a complex way such that the intensity of the woodsy and pineapple scent might catch your attention. The next wave of scent pulls the pineapple note down a notch to give way to a sweet scent with a candy-like aroma. Eventually, it settles down to a woodsy and leathery scent with a hint of sweetness. It is quite ideal for the office rather than outdoors. If you want to know where to buy creed cologne click the check price button above and see.


2. Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros Yves saint laurent - best oriental perfume for men




YSL is a great creator when it comes to men’s perfumes. There are very few fragrance houses that can consistently create wonderful scents like YSL does. This is one of the best spicy oriental perfumes for men. Its top notes are Artemisia, bergamot, and coriander. The middle notes are mainly jasmine and clove which have base notes of oakmoss, ambergris, and incense. It is great for a romantic night out because it is likely to impress your special date.


Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent Review


This oriental spicy perfume has relatively good longevity and projection. Some people cite having it last for a whole day, but that all depends on your environment. Many users of this perfume are those who like simplicity but are still bold. This perfume suits these two personality traits the best. This oriental fragrance is also an excellent fit for the sophisticated individual.


3. Burberry London for Men


Burberry london - best oriental perfume for men



This scent was launched in 2006 by the house of Burberry and the objective, which they achieved, was to give this oriental men’s cologne a strong masculine scent. The other objective was to portray a gentle, mature, handsome man; which again, they achieved. It opens with cinnamon leaves, lavender, bergamot, and black pepper.


The core consists of port wine, mimosa flower, and leather notes. The base which gives it its distinct scent is composed of tobacco leaf, opoponax, oakmoss, and guaiac wood. This blend makes it a very captivating scent. The tobacco and sweetness are particularly distinct, but not overbearing. It can be felt from afar.


Burberry London Review


This perfume is great for winter and fall as it matures well in such temperatures. For cold weather, it is advisable to wear a perfume that will not overwhelm you. A mild perfume such as this is subtle but still lingers in the background.


Burberry London boosts confidence because of the rough edge it expresses in a man. It is incredibly manly. Women are fond of it and it is quite unlikely you will not get compliments with this one. The longevity of this slightly woody oriental perfume is quite good with some people citing as many as eight hours. The sillage is also good and will get heads turning with a smile.


4. Boss Soul by Hugo Boss for Men


Boss soul - best oriental perfume for men



This oriental fragrance has a spicy feel that gives it a masculine scent. The year of launch for this perfume is the year 2005. The opening on this oriental cologne for men is composed of cardamom, anise, bergamot, and mandarin. The heart notes are cinnamon, lavender, coriander seeds, and nutmeg blossom. The base notes are tamboti wood, musks, amber, tonka, vetiver, and vanilla.


Boss Soul Review


The sillage for Boss soul is good for about three hours, but the longevity is moderate. You are more likely to get compliments if you spray two spritzes a day. This well-balanced formula is perfect for evenings; especially for casual occasions. Boss soul is suitable for winter and autumn so you wouldn’t go wrong if you chose this best oriental perfume for men entrant on this list.


5. Hugo Boss Men’s Boss No. 6


Hugo Boss No. 6 - best oriental perfume for men



Despite it being oriental, it still has a woody feel. The top notes are citrus and apple which mature and give way to the heart notes which are cloves, cinnamon, and pelargonium. Finally, the base notes are precious cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood which give it an incredibly masculine scent. You will notice that sandalwood is a popular ingredient in most perfumes. If you love woody scents, ensure that the best oriental perfume for men choice you decide to buy features it as one of its notes.


Hugo Boss No. 6 Review


If you are looking for seductive, then this perfume will fulfill your needs. The longevity is splendid; lasting for hours and hours so no need to spray several spritzes. Sillage for this oriental fragrance family is also good. Many people have said it smells sweet and almost like apple pie.


Different noses pick up on different scents though. There is a strong cedar note that lingers in the background. The best thing about this perfume is that it is remarkably versatile. It can be used for casual occasions, during a night out, or during the day.

There you go. Choose your poison from this best oriental perfume for men list and thank us later.

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