Best Woody Cologne For Men 2017 – A Look At The Top 5

Any woody cologne is built on base notes of moss and bark, evoking the feeling of walking down forest paths. These perfumes are ideal for projecting masculinity. Woody scents are remarkably masculine.


Typically, woody smelling cologne will have a woody middle note which gives the scent its warm and opulent character, especially if sandalwood and patchouli are used. Components such as cedar and vetiver are also common with these perfumes and give the woody perfume its dry character. Here is the best woody cologne for men list.


1. Kenzo Homme Woody

Kenzo Homme - Best woody cologne for men




This is a woody scent perfume that has an edge because of that characteristic aromatic, aquatic scent. Kenzo woody homme was launched in 1991. In those years, perfumes had begun taking different notes and could be able to project and last all day. There is a mixture of eccentric notes which blend well to bring out a pleasant smelling perfume for men. | premium outlet parfumerie


The top notes are bergamot, lemon, sage, mahogany, and sea notes. The core of the perfume is composed of juniper berries, peach, nutmeg, jasmine, carnation, caraway, rose, orris root, and pine. The base notes are vetiver, cedar, labdanum, amber, sandalwood, musk, oakmoss, and balsam fir.


Kenzo Woody Review


Apart from having a pleasant woody feel, this woody scented cologne has an incredibly pleasant aromatic scent. The longevity is good and it projects rather well. Its subtle nature prevents it from irritating people around you. The best time to put on this fragrance is during summer and spring. During winter, the scent might be a too strong for taste. Therefore, this is an excellent best woody cologne for men contender.


2. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent For Men


Yves Saint Laurent - Best woody cologne for men



This woody scent was launched in the year 2006. The top note includes lemon, bergamot, and ginger. The middle notes are white pepper, basil, spices, and violet leaf. The base notes which give it the woody scent are cedar, vetiver, and tonka bean. Remember, this is an Eau de toilette perfume so don’t expect longevity to be overly impressive. There are other stronger perfumes from the house of Yves Saint Laurent such this one here.


However, you can squeeze a good 8 hours out of this woody cologne. Sillage is also moderate so if you want to improve it, you might want to spray a few spritzes on some pulse points such as your wrists. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme works best when you are in a cool environment. The ideal time to wear this woody style perfume would be late fall or early spring. You might not get the best performance out of it during winter or summer.


L’homme Yves Saint Laurent Review


This scent is a classic; its aroma does not irk everyone around the one who’s wearing it. They say, sometimes less is classy. It is quite versatile because it can be worn during the day or night. It would work well if you had an interview because it would catch your panel by surprise and express that extra boost of confidence that might just get you that job. It is great for close-up dates or the odd encounter with that woman on the train or plane. Wearing this woody fragrance would give you the assurance that you are not irritating the people around you. Due to its stylish nature, this fragrance deserves a spot in the best woody cologne for men list because it oozes sensuality and charisma.

3. Polo Black for Men

Polo Black - best woody cologne for men




This perfume made its debut in the year 2005. Its components are sage, tangerine, mango, patchouli, tonka bean, sandalwood, lemon, and wormwood. These components bring out a woody aromatic fragrance that tantalizes the nostrils. The fruity scent is quite strong at first, but it settles down and matures to a sweet woody scent.


Applying this woody perfume will get you plenty of compliments. It suits the summer quite well. While Polo Blue suits day time, Polo Black is better for night time. However, they can be also interchanged and still pull off that edgy image you want to portray.


Polo Black Review


This scent will surprise you with the mango blast embedded so cunningly in the perfume. Blend that with sandalwood and you have a fragrance that can easily lure you into making it your signature scent. Longevity is not as strong as that of blue polo but the first three hours of application project rather well. After that, it sticks close to the skin making it excellent for close-up meet ups. This perfume has the all the qualities that we were looking for to earn it a spot in the Best Perfume for Men 2016 list.


4. Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men

Calvin klein euphoria - best woody cologne for men



This men’s cologne can be classified as a woody aromatic fragrance. Its top notes are pepper and ginger. The middle notes which give this perfume its woody punch are cedar, sage, and black basil. The base notes are patchouli, amber, suede, and Brazilian redwood. This scent is excellent and enticing to any nose. However, the longevity is moderate and sillage does not exactly say ‘look at me!’ It stays close to the skin. It is better for close up meetings.


Calvin Klein Euphoria Review


The spices in this perfume unravel softly and smoothly. I think this is the best woody spicy perfume for me right now. If you are looking to drift away from the norm, then this scent will provide you with that uniqueness that you seek. The best time to use this is at the beginning of fall. Despite it being a woody perfume, the woody notes are not overwhelming as you will find in most of the perfumes in this class. Such a scent works well in a dinner or office setting.


5. Lacoste Pour Homme for Men


Lacoste pour homme - best woody cologne for men



This men’s perfume is a product from the house of Lacoste and can be classified as a woody aromatic fragrance. The top note is a combination of apple, bergamot, plum, and grapefruit. The core note is a blend of cardamom, juniper, pink pepper, and cinnamon. The base notes are cedar, vanilla, rum, musk, labdanum, and sandalwood. You can see the reason the woody scent projects well; the base notes are prominently woody.


Lacoste Pour Homme Review


This perfume is sweet and woody at the same time. The sweet scent starts out strong but calms down after a short while. You will also notice the rum from afar. The longevity for this perfume is moderate, but it projects beautifully in the first moments of application. After a while, it stays close to the skin.


Those are your top 5 best woody cologne for men contestants. You can rest assured picking any of these scents will get you just the right results/expectations. You will be impressed.

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