Bvlgari Man in Black Review – Why Bvlgari Man in Black Stands Out

Bvlgari man in black review


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Bvlgari has over a century of experience producing good smelling colognes for men. This design house saw it befitting to celebrate this long time achievement with the launch of Bvlgari Man in Black back in 2014. Bvlgari man cologne drew inspiration from the Roman god of fire. This perfume is a follow up to Bvlgari Man, which made its debut in 2010. We want to go over a quick Bvlgari man in black review for you to ensure you know what it’s all about.


Bvlgari man in black cologne pros


The notes


The sweet scent Bvlgari included will leave you wondering how they managed to make it so long lasting. Cardamom and liquor feel like the foundation of Bvlgari man black and the floral aromas seem to be on the back burner. These notes are great for the man who loves perfumes that smell spicy and woody at the same time.


Expresses masculinity


The perfumer responsible for Bvlgari man perfume, Alberto Morillas, also wanted to contrast amber and leather to bring together a scent that is both sophisticated and supremely masculine. Bvlgari man in black evokes a robust and irresistible whiff of charm.


Sillage and longevity


Bvlgari man in black is what you would call long lasting. Being an Eau de parfum, some consideration has been put into these two traits to give you a perfume that will not only last long but also project moderately.




The bottle has the Bvlgari brand signature black color complemented by pink gold accents. It has a familiar resemblance to the exclusive Bvlgari brand of watches for men.


The cons


No signature note stands out prominently


If you are looking for purely leathery scents or purely amber accords Bvlgari Man in Black might not be well suited for you. It is hard to pinpoint which one stands out more. The inclusion of woody and spicy notes makes this perfume produce a rich scent for people who love all the notes in the perfume.




Bvlgari has never disappointed when it comes to their merchandise. Their fragrances retail at reasonably higher prices but if you think about it, they are not high prices at all. Why? Because of the immense value each fragrance gives you. Besides, it is still a good perfume for men under $100.


We only chose the best for you in this best perfume for men guide so ensure you look for the qualities you think are a priority for you and thank us later. There you have it. This Bvlgari man in black review should give you an idea what to expect if you buy this perfume.

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