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CK One review

ck one review - ck one



CK ONE made its debut in the perfume industry with a bang. Its momentum eventually leveled out, but here’s the thing; it still holds enormous appeal to a large population. That’s what we keep emphasizing. It is never about the brand. There are established brands which create perfumes that suck! Calvin Klein however, hit the jackpot with this ONE (get it?).


Calvin Klein One appeals to any nose. Remember, CK cologne was the frontier when it comes to that ever fresh green tea accord in perfumes. Calvin Klein perfume happens to be light and fresh on its feet. You will always feel cool even when you are out there in the hot sun. You will feel as if you are sipping a cool fizzy drink and enjoying a nice read relaxing at your gazebo. We want to dissect this fragrance in this CK one review to see whether it is worth it.




CK one cologne makes you feel young and energetic


You have to admit that there are times you wear a perfume and feel like you are sipping an energy drink. This Calvin Klein fragrance makes you feel that type of way. If you want to pass a message that you are young, this perfume is the fragrance for you. After all, there are no rules written in stone that certain perfumes are for teenagers. What message do you want to express at the end of the day?


The nice blend of aromas


One signature note that makes this Calvin Klein perfume for men unmistakable is its pleasant citrus scent. It even found a spot in our top 5 citrus scents. That citrus combined with a nice amalgam of spicy aromas together with that fun, familiar tropical fruits theme is exhilarating.
There are also some woody notes in there; such as sandalwood, though not as prominent. And who doesn’t love sandalwood. Huh? You could say perfumers found CK One perfume to be too irresistible and had to copy this perfume left, right, and center.


The fact that it’s unisex


Now, I know what you are thinking. How is that an advantage? Well, I will ask you one question. How many perfumes have you come across that can suit both you and your girlfriend? Women are shifting to men’s perfumes like a baby who’s just discovered this weird substance called sugar. Imagine a perfume you can share with your girlfriend.


If women love Calvin Klein one perfume, why not wear it? After all, the end game is that you want women to love the way you smell. This perfume also communicates the right amount of gentlemanliness and sensitivity. Women want a man who is not self-centered and this perfume expresses your soft and gentle side. That’s why CK ONE being unisex is a definite plus.




Longevity is on the borderline


Halfway through your day, you are going to stop and ask yourself. Did I apply perfume today? Well, you might not smell this perfume, but other people around you do. However, it is not something that another spritz won’t fix. Spray on one more spritz of CK one later on in the day and you are good to go. You can say the longevity for Calvin Klein One perfume is moderate. Not bad; but it is beneficial if you can spray at least two times a day.




It goes without saying that CK one’s popularity did not just come from the fact that Calvin Klein released it. This CK One review is for those who haven’t tried it and for those who had removed it from their perfume rotation. Calvin Klein One is not a waste of money. Get it from us.



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