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Davidoff cool water review


Davidoff Cool Water Review - amazon



When you consider testing a new perfume, you always think about a perfume that will last long and express who you are. It’s all about what appeals to you from the first moment you make contact. Davidoff Cool water represents the urbane man not afraid to go out of his comfort zone.


Davidoff might be a young brand in the perfume industry but delivery is in no way compromised. Davidoff has released several limited and special perfume editions over time. This Davidoff cool water review is for the mild deodorant version. Mild Deodorant implies that the perfume oil level in the fragrance is not high. It is subtle and gentle.






The intense top notes composed of sea water and mint give cool water cologne a strong thump in its opening. That combined with the sandalwood base notes gives it a remarkably masculine feel. The musk and amber included in its formula act as a mediator of the top notes and base notes which even out the scent that both project. The result is a feeling that sandalwood expresses itself as a middle note rather than a base note.


Non offensive


The scent of Davidoff Cool water is fresh and clean. More importantly, it is non-offensive. This means that it rarely gets to a point where you want to “quit”. Davidoff Cool water for men projects beautifully even during the day under any hot sun.


Chic magnet


Cool water by Davidoff is loved by women probably because of the masculinity qualities it expresses. We are talking a masculine feeling that anyone can pull off. Any man can wear this cologne and still express the right qualities. To top it all off, this happens to be one of the best smelling deodorant for men and hence its appearance in our top ten.


Pocket friendly


Cool water Davidoff is also quite pocket-friendly. You will not be breaking the bank to have one of these in your closet. That’s one important factor to consider when looking for perfume.






Remember this is a review for the mild deodorant, not the eau de toilette version. Therefore, you can expect that the longevity is not high. It is not meant to be used as regular cologne for those who love strong scented perfumes for men. If you love strong scented perfumes, this will not do it for you.




When something takes over a market by storm, it probably isn’t a fluke. And especially so with colognes. Davidoff did exactly that; took over the market by storm. This mild deodorant is an example of the best qualities that an limited scent can possess. It is good for summer days. It has that masculine aquatic vibe. You want to hit the beach with something like this. this does not mean that you cannot wear it in any other season. Due to its versatility, it also works well in other seasons. Hope this cool water cologne review helps you get the best.





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