DKNY Be Delicious Perfume Review

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume Review | Loved By Many Women Who Try It

DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York. That’s right; this is another alluring fragrance that reflects the spirit of New York. The perfume’s designer is a well-respected fashion designer. The perfume’s designer grew up in Hewlett, Long Island and later studied at The New School for Design for a period of two years.


DKNY Be Delicious Perfume


DKNY are a great brand, boasting a wide collection of fragrances for both men and women. All the bottles in the collection come in apple inspired bottles which give an idea of how pleasant the aromas of the perfumes are. DKNY’s collection of perfumes for women appeal to a myriad of women. In this review, we will be looking at DKNY be delicious brand for women and telling you the pros and cons.


DKNY be delicious lives up to its name. It is a fruity fragrance designed around a base of floral fragrances. The woody and floral notes stand out creating a fresh and sensuous aura. The main notes in this perfume are apple and grapefruit.


DKNY have several line ups in the “be delicious” brand. They are; DKNY be delicious night, DKNY Be delicious fresh blossom, DKNY golden delicious, DKNY red delicious, and just plain DKNY be delicious.

We will be focusing on the DKNY be delicious fragrance. The nose behind this perfume was Maurice Roucel.


Personality trait for this perfume

This scent reflects a bold, charming woman that is not afraid to express herself. Many floral perfumes speak subtle and laid back, but this perfume speaks the opposite. DKNY be delicious is best worn by a woman who likes to turn heads and to express her inner emotions and feelings. Many people say that the woody and apple scents stand out in this perfume.


Characteristics of the perfume

The top notes feature several fruity elements which are; violet leaf, green notes, apple, magnolia, and grapefruit. The core notes are a combination of lily of the valley, tuberose, violet, and rose. The base notes are a combination of musk, amber, and sandalwood.



According to a survey, this perfume has a moderate to long lasting scent. This perfume will last long enough throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about constant spraying.



DKNY be delicious has a moderate to heavy sillage. This is the reason this perfume portrays a bold woman. You are bound to get the right kind of attention if you wear this perfume.

Even though the perfume speaks bold, it has a soft and clean vibe going. It is a great perfume for spring, but some people find it okay for other seasons. However, because of the unique combination of scents, you are better off wearing it during spring.


  • The bottle has a very attractive design
  • It is a perfume that can be worn by women of any age
  • Most people cite that it lasts an average of 8 hours


  • If you are on a budget, you will feel the pinch but it is totally worth it
  • If you apply too much DKNY be delicious perfume, the scent becomes overpowering for some people