Polo Black Review – Why The Mixed Reactions?

Polo Black Review


Ralph Lauren redefined the 80’s with their incredible Polo brand perfume. It was a time of discovery regarding the need for complex scents. Polo was created to be something that not only people remember but also something that everyone wants to buy.


Throughout the years, the journey for Ralph Lauren has been a time to mature their line of perfumes. It has been a time to gain experience and test what works and what doesn’t. Polo black elicits mixed reactions but you will find a higher percentage of people tend to love it. This Polo Black review will focus on what would ultimately affect your decision to buy or ignore polo black.




Can work well for long days


Polo Black has the innate ability to evolve its notes during the day. It starts out with a fruity feel that is reminiscent of mango. These notes hold out for a while and as time passes, a mild undertone of patchouli emerges. This quality makes it suitable for long days at work or school. The fruity notes complement you during the day and you express a masculine character as the night creeps back in.


The notes


Polo black is ideally supposed to be a fruity perfume. That it achieves. It is a wonderful fruity perfume with a woody background. If you love these two traits, then this perfume is a good choice. Even though it was launched in 2005, the notes still put you in a class of your own to this day. These are some of the aspects why it made it to The Best Perfume for Men 2016


Ideal for a night out


If you are a night time kind of person, then this perfume is a good choice. With a few spritzes applied to your pulse points, you are ready to have an awesome night out. The notes in the perfume were carefully chosen to avoid Polo Black resembling any other perfume. It expresses how much of a free spirit you are yet retains its masculinity because of the woody notes.




Longevity is dependent on weather


The reason Polo Black is great for a night out is because temperatures are cool then. In hot weather, Polo Black caves and lasts about four hours. What is left is the mild undertone of woody notes. It doesn’t disappear entirely. It still retains its scent close to your skin. If you want it to work during summer, spray on a few spritzes during the day. That fruity scent has a cooling effect.




The complex nature of polo black is quite apparent. People around you are always trying to figure out which notes stand out more. It introduces an element of unpredictability. Luckily, both woody and aromatic notes are brilliant. They all smell heavenly. If you are into woody aromatic colognes, then trust this Polo Black review and jump on it.



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