Best Aquatic Cologne For Men – 5 of The Best

Aquatic perfumes found their way into people’s closets not long ago. They have been around for a short while considering other types of fragrances date back to the 18th century. These perfumes are composed of compounds that give you the feeling of being in the middle of the ocean or a picturesque environment with clean mountain air, or that sweet feeling of clean linen. These types of perfume are great for interviews and occasions which require you to be fresh yet subtle. Here is the best aquatic cologne for men list.


1. Bvlgari Aqva Marine Pour Homme

Bvlgari aqva marine - best aquatic cologne



This men’s aquatic perfume was launched in the year 2008. The same designer who created Aqua Pour Homme was also responsible for creating this oceanic scent. The objective was to create an aquatic cologne that would remind you of the waves of the ocean. The top notes for this perfume are petitgrain, mandarin orange, neroli, and grapefruit.


The middle note is an amalgam of water notes, rosemary, and seaweed. The base note is a blend of Virginia cedar and amber. Despite the presence of seaweed and water notes, the overall scent does not in any way overwhelm you with that seaweedy scent you find in many aquatic scents that turn out to be a disaster.


Bvlgari Aqva Marine Pour Homme Review


This best aquatic fragrance entrant is ideal for the outdoors; especially in hot weather because of the calming feeling it evokes. Therefore, this perfume might be good for the summer when you are up and about. The longevity for this perfume is moderate to long lasting and the sillage is moderate to soft. This aquatic fragrance gets noticed more during close-ups than when you are far away from people. Don’t expect people to notice when you enter a room.


2. Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani


Emporio armani diamonds - best aquatic cologne



This men’s cologne can be classified as an aromatic aquatic fragrance. It first hit the shelves in 2010. The top note is a blend of mint and almafi lemon. The middle notes give it its characteristic aquatic scent and they are majorly floral notes and sea water.


The base notes are cacao and woodsy. The aquatic scent of this perfume is not irritating; it smells just right. This is why this perfume rightfully deserves a spot in the best best aquatic cologne
for men list.


Emporio Armani Diamonds Review


The longevity on this perfume is moderate to weak and its projection is moderate to soft. This men’s cologne is ideal for close-up meetings as its subtle nature catches many people by surprise. It is a high quality scent and remarkably well blended. The fragrance settles down to a sweet cacao scent and its drydown settles to a smooth, sweet fragrance that is not overwhelming. Therefore, this is not the fragrance you would wear if you want EVERYONE to notice you.

3. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo

Acqua di gio profumo - best aquatic cologne




This is the best men’s aquatic fragrance contender we have come across so far.  It was presented in 2015. Acqua Di Gio Profumo is elegant and deep. The quality of this fragrance hits the nostrils with a tune of well-blended scents that are great for any day. The depth comes from the fact that it falls into woody, aquatic, spicy, and aromatic classes.


The opening is a remarkable blend of bergamot and aquatic accord. That’s where the masculine aquatic scent gets its punch. The core is composed of sage, rosemary, and geranium which give it its aromatic scent. The base notes are incense and patchouli. This delicate balance of perfume oils produces a product worth featuring in our 10 Best Perfume for Men 2016


Giorgio Armani, Acqua Di Gio Profumo Review


You can expect this perfume to last for long because it is an Eau de parfum. The longevity of this scent can be classified as long lasting to very long lasting as many individuals say. The sillage is also great with many saying it is moderate to heavy. The opening is quite fresh and strong with a remarkably masculine scent.


This men’s aquatic cologne can be classified as a contemporary and sophisticated fragrance. Therefore, you can use it for occasions in line with these characteristics. All in all, this is quite a delightful scent. This is a 10/10 buy. Going by the great scent, good longevity, and great sillage, Giorgio Armani, Acqua Di Gio Profumo deserves a spot in the best best aquatic cologne for men list.


4. Lacoste L!VE

Lacoste live - best aquatic cologne




This aquatic perfume is a new edition in the line of Lacoste. It comes from a heritage of impeccable French elegance. The objective was to target the young, urbane man. The top note is lime which matures to give way to the core composed of green notes and watery notes. The base notes are composed of guaiac wood and dark licorice. Lacoste L!VE is one of those perfumes that can easily lure you into making it your signature scent.


Lacoste L!VE Review


The bottle is adorned with colors resembling the French flag. The top and middle notes elevate the level of freshness and vibrancy to the perfume. The base notes then add depth and uniqueness to the scent. It is ideal for summer and you can expect the longevity to serve you well throughout the day with only two spritzes.


Otherwise, you can get a good five hours of scent with this perfume meaning you can wear it if you have short days at work. The sillage is adequate, but later in the day, it sticks close to the skin as opposed to filling the air.


5. Nautica Voyage N-83

Nautica voyage - best aquatic cologne



This best aquatic cologne for men contender is an aromatic, aquatic scent that comes from the house of Nautica. It saw its debut in the US market in 2013. The opening happens to be a blend of petitgrain, sea notes, and spicy mint. The core bursts out releasing lavender, nutmeg, and cardamom. The base note settles and illuminates this men’s aquatic perfume with its cedar, sandalwood, and musk combination of scents.


Nautica Voyage N-83 Review


This fragrance has moderate to weak longevity and average to soft projection. Therefore, this is not your typical “attention grabber” scent. However, what it lacks for in longevity and sillage, it makes up for adequately in scent. This scent is incredible.


To top it up, it is quite cheap. If you are on a budget, this is a good choice. It suits you if you want something light for work or if you are on a night out for a couple of hours. It will also not smother you with scent when you go to bed. Have a look.


There you have it. These best aquatic cologne for men contenders all have their unique aspects, weaknesses, and strengths. At the end of the day, what matters is what your heart wants.

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